Working with Tari was truly ground breaking. She is full of knowledge and resources, all the while empowering you to create the life you want to be living. What seemed overwhelming, Tari made attainable through her honest reflection, encouragement and simple assignments. She puts you immediately at ease, taking the time to listen and understand you, the challenges you face and the life you desire. Only then does she begin to offer sound guidance and strategies to help you meet your goals in a way that fits your lifestyle. Her broad approach to health coaching is refreshing and realistic, taking into account all the various factors that impact the way we live and the choices we make - from food, exercise, relationships, budgeting, work life, community, spirituality and beyond! I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with Tari and know I will continue to call upon the toolbox she provided me with for many years to come.

Sara Culver

Working with Tari helped me to make a huge change in my lifestyle. I was experiencing headaches, stomachache discomfort and dizziness. We went through an elimination trial diet and I was able to do a complete 180. I now have more energy, my symptoms have subsided and over time I was able to lose a total of 15 pounds. Tari understands that we are all individuals with different needs. She made this process not only doable but rewarding! I would strongly suggest working with Tari if you are in need of a lifestyle rehaul as she is warm, encouraging and very knowledgeable!

Sarah Romulo

Working with Tari on my health goals has changed my life! When we started I was 50 pounds overweight and making uneducated nutritional decisions. Knowing what to eat had become daunting and frustrating. After a few sessions, I began to easily modify my eating habits and make very clear and mindful choices at the store. The combination of our one-on-one sessions, the detox regimen, eating healthier and exercising has delivered great results! I have lost 35 pounds,shopping is so much easier, I'm eating very well and I can still enjoy a cocktail! I highly recommend Tierra Sana Holistics!

Armando Ayala

Tari is exuberantly passionate about healing the earth and helping others heal their bodies with delicious and safe foods. Each time we meet she shares something simple and accessible about healthy eating and farming practices .. whether it be a delicious recipe, how to integrate more whole grains into my diet or the benefits of adding compost to boost my gardens soil and crop health. She is all around wonderful and knowledgable.

Melissa Lafontaine