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The questionable regulatory practices of the FDA are likely not news to you. There is an astounding amount of chemicals leached into the environment and used in daily household products with little to no regulation. Environmental Working Group recently reported that 93 percent of Americans have BPA in their bodies. This hormone disruptor is just one of many that are used in a multitude of ways and you can be exposed by simply drinking a glass of water.

I find fear-mongering deplorable but this is truly alarming, is it not? I for one have been affected negatively by hormone disruptors and have learned many ways to take back control and limit my exposure. I’m now determined to share what I’ve learned so you can create a healthy, non-toxic home. We’ll touch on everything from food, cosmetics, cookware, cleaners, plastics, to furniture.

I’d love to connect for a free consultation to discuss your concerns, see if there there are ways I might point you in the right direction or serve as your ally in detoxifying your life. Take action and reach out now.

Recent projects I’ve worked on:

● One­-on­-one detox consultation
● Detox parties: home, body, food
● Endocrine balancing consultation
● DIY home cleaners party

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