Vegetable Garden Kitchen Sink Salsa


Vegetable Garden Kitchen Sink Salsa

I had the immense pleasure of working with teen garden apprentices at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden this summer and lead up and awesome cooking team one hot day in the garden. Our task was to make salsa with anything we could harvest in our plots in the Children’s Garden. A delightful task but the more we looked we realized we lacked garlic, onions and other alliums and had to get creative, and quick! It was a great reminder that with some kitchen spices and an abundant garden much can be achieved. We not only made due but everyone raved about it. Here’s what we added with a little garlic, salt, black pepper and onion powder:

Basil, kale, green onion, zucchini, tomato, hot peppers, sweet peppers, & tomatillo

I love being inspired by young people. It is so easily done and they took such pride in it. What will you add to your salsa this weekend?

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