Farmer’s Market Watch


Farmer’s Market Watch

This time of year is a favorite for so many reasons. Farmer’s markets are in the top five (losing the puffy coat, getting transplants into the ground and more sunlight make the list too). Many markets are open year round but there’s nothing quite like getting out of your stuffy apartment and taking in all the gorgeous colors and aromas on a spring day.

I just took a stroll through Union Square Greenmarket and it did not disappoint. Seedlings are everywhere, lots of Hyacinth and other fragrant flowers. There are dairy farmers and vendors selling warm pear cider. Pure heaven.

Sprouts of all kinds are piled high at many stalls and are worth a stop. They are the first edible shoots of a given plant and are packed with flavor and nutrition. Look out for these though you’ll likely find much more:

Mung Bean: subtle nutty flavor, use in stir fries, soups, and salads

Sunflower: mild sweet flavor, can add crunch to a salad or great to snack on as is

Radish: “hot” flavor of radishes comes through, adds zing to any dish

Keep in mind that sprouts are highly perishable so plan to eat them as soon as possible after purchase.

For a green market in your area visit Local Harvest.

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